Natalie Twigg


“Lady Bathing on a Rooftop” by Todd Alexander, artist & collaborator of Natalie Twigg

About Natalie

My name’s Natalie Twigg. I grew up in the UK and was trained as an oboist and pianist at the Royal College of Music. I have played around the world and came to Boston MA freelancing and playing with the Boston Ballet Orchestra etc. I’ve had amazing collaborative experiences with dancers and artists. I moved to Kansas City to work with jazz musicians, some amazing old legends… when I met my husband. We have 2 children and moved to the Seattle area.

I started noticing changes in him, slowing down, his right hand and arm not working properly, his moods changing.. we moved to Atlanta with his job, at which time I was looking after our young children and working on my music projects… 2 years ago he made the step to face the problems he was having and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He has had it for a long time; looking back, it makes sense. Now we are back in the PNW area, since January 2020… our children are now 11 and 13…I am working on my music projects which brings such a relief and a place for expression. I am so grateful to the arts for this place where we can all connect on another level with each other. Parkinson’s can be so devastating and lonely that to see the arts being included means so very much.

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