Kelsey Boudreaux

Acrylic & Mixed Media

About Kelsey

What brought me to create my artwork is during my time in high school taking an art class I learned that my juvenile Parkinson’s disease can be helpful in my paintings because my Parkinson’s tremors add to my artwork the very unique textures and patterns Parkinson’s disease my artwork.

Artwork is way for me to share with people that I am not just my juvenile Parkinson’s disease but so much more. When people saw my first painting I did of my Maltese puppy B they were all smiling and looking at that painting and me. My artwork gives me a sense of pride and self worth. As an artist I consider myself multimedia using acrylic paint, gloss gel medium, glitter paint, watercolor, oil pastels , chalk pastels, beads, mica powder etc. My dream is to one day be a famous artist.

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