Elizabeth Dianne Khoury


About Dianne

Dianne was born in San Antonio, Texas into a military family.  She attended high school at Maine Central Institute before entering nursing school; she graduated as a Registered Nurse.  She married in Bangor Maine in 1960 and later welcomed her children, Thomas in 1961 and Amy in 1964. 

After a nursing career, Dianne followed her dream of studying art initially with classes at community colleges before transferring to UCLA; she completed her Bachelor in Fine Art degree in 1989.  Wanting to further expand her academic experience, she moved to New York to pursue her studies at the School of Visual Arts from where she received a Masters in Fine Arts in 1991.

Dianne was initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1999 following the onset of tremors.  Her symptoms no longer manageable with medication, she underwent successful Deep Brain Stimulation surgery in 2018 which has enabled her to continue her art.


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