Alan Babbitt


About Alan

Parkinson’s diagnosis; 2003.

“It’s progressive and there’s no cure,” said the neurologist. “Uh oh,” said the photographer.

Imagine, a loud, uninvited houseguest – who would never leave. Brought a gift though – a bad hand tremor! Gee, just what a STILL photographer needs.

Work-arounds didn’t work. Darkness filled my viewfinder.

Then, on the Las Vegas Strip, I saw the light!
A voice whispered, “Silly boy! Don’t fight it – use it!”

I let the tremor go. Click. Click.


Visual gumbo! Lights, colors and reflections became wonderful smears, blurs and streaks. Now THIS was fun! My camera disagreed, beeping and moaning as it tried to focus while being shaken like a paint can at the hardware store.

But what really got shook up was me. Making the tremor useful was incredibly empowering – boosting confidence, mood and energy. Creativity flowed.

I soon realized the artistic potential went way beyond the tremor to include any kind of movement. I call it:

“Un-Still Photography: The Art of Motion Within a Still.”


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